MAGNIFICENT: A lot of my friends tell me that I’m very pretty. That is so nice. Magnificent means that you are beautiful and nice. I also love to be around my friends and hangout with them.

ARTISTIC: I love doing art. I have art for one of my classes and I absolutely love it.

KIND: I like to be kind and nice to people. I help my family and my friends all the time.

Energetic: I am very energetic. I love to do sports and run around the mile in my neighborhood.

Neat: I clean my room a lot. When I clean my room I take a lot of time doing it. If I put one thing away then I’ll start doing something else and I’ll keep on going.

Zebra: I love zebras. They are probably my second favorite animal next to tigers.

Intelligent: I am pretty smart. I am good at Math and Social Studies. I also come up with good ideas with different projects.  

Enjoyable: In my opinion I am pretty enjoyable. I like to be with my friends but also they like to be around me.

I had a lot of fun doing this. The first letters of all of the words spell out my name, MAKENZIE. I had a hard time coming up with words but it was fun. I hope that you liked it and got inspired by it. Maybe you’ll think about doing this for one of your projects.

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