My busiest month in the whole year is December. It is busy because it’s Christmas, traditions, my birthday, and a lot of different work parties that my dad does. My dad started his own company with mom a while ago. My mom doesn’t work there anymore but my dad does. Where he works is at a technology place called Emerge. Anyways lets get back to everything else. It’s gonna be fun but it’s stressful. My dads work party is this Friday and then my first family tradition on Saturday. Then it’s Christmas and my birthday. I’m especially happy for this weekend. I can’t wait!

My dad’s work party is on Friday right after school. I’m so exited! I get to see my friends and I get to just have fun. We each bring a dish, I think that were going to do cake pops again just like last year. Santa comes for the little kids and they get  a picture with him, plus a couple chocolates and a small present. There’s a place for playing and a place for dancing. I am so exited and can’t wait! HOLIDAY FUN!

This tradition that we do is super special. We have done this since my little brother was two. We go to this place down town and we go to a chocolate shop. We each get to pick out our own pieces of chocolate. Well were waiting we usually get ice cream, my favorite is mint. After we finish there their is a toy store down the street. We go to that every year and pick out one toy to take home. It is so fun and I can’t wait to do that! TRADITIONS!

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Empower Me 101

My group has been working super hard on everything in our project. We have finally got a day care to go to for our project. The daycare is near us so that’s good. We have been trying to reach out to a different daycare but they didn’t approve us coming int o teach there kids different sports, which is okay because we had different daycares for back up. We are really happy to find our daycare and to finally be planning for our camps.

Our December goals are to be planning our camps and to get everything under control with what order were doing for our camps and what we are doing for our camps. We are going to brain storm different ideas for our camps and see what we are going to teach them.Totality, a serious matter

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I choose this picture for my feelings because there is three people in my group and I feel like the smile and the two eyes represent us. You might ask well how? Actually this shows you my feelings because the one eye with the white at the bottom is us just starting our first camp and basically us blooming t0 start our amazing project. 

Christmas Time!!!!!

I love Christmas Time! Sadly some people don’t celebrate Christmas. I mean they either celebrate Christmas or something just like Christmas. So first, Christmas in the USA is really fun….. Well for me. I don’t know how it is for kids in Africa and other places across the world.

Christmas in USA: I love Christmas time. It is so fun opening up Christmas presents on Christmas morning! you have no clue what you got, all that you hope is that you get what you have asked for. Now if you don’t know what I’m talking about then I’ll explain it to you. Now for Christmas you put everything that you want from little puzzle’s to big trampolines on your list.You put up a tree and hang up ornaments.  Then on Christmas morning there is presents under your tree. You open them with your family and it’s super fun.  CHRISTMAS IN THE USA  

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Now Christmas in different countries like Sweden, Finland, and Norway are different from Christmas here. Correct me if I’m wrong but there Christmas is different. I’m just going to show one example off of Finland. In Finland for Christmas many of them go to visit sauna on Christmas Eve. Families gather together and listen to “Peace of Christmas” Radio Broadcast. Some people even visit gravesides of there loved ones.


Halloween Fun!!!!

As most of you guys know Halloween is on October 31. I love Halloween because you get to dress up in masks and costumes! No one knows who you are, and basically when you put on the costume you feel like a whole different person. When you go trick-or-treating you can go to house to house and get candy, you can hangout with your friends, or some people go to Halloween party’s. When you go house to house and get candy different things happen. Well they happened to me? I got yelled at and walked to the park and saw my friends! Don’t worry I’m not going to stop here I’m going to tell you way more.

So getting yelled at is not fun,obviously. Me and my friends were trick-or-treating, and we walked up to this house who had there bucket sitting outside of there house. We didn’t know that the people were sitting outside so we ran up to the bucket and grabbed a handful. My friend jumped over the bucket of candy not knowing that the lady was there and got in trouble. The good thing is that she laughed after it and we just ran to the next house.

That was one of my Halloween stories! What is one of your Halloween stories?

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Empower Me 101

Our project is about me, Clara, and Hunter, which is my group, we want to go to daycares and teach little kids to do different sports. We are also doing something called Holiday Bobs which are candies dressed up like a holiday with the appropriate attire.

For my project, I am feeling different emotions. I really like our project but I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed. It is really stressful. It is stressful because we have to pass out all of our fliers for our Holiday Bobs. We also need to be ready for our first camp, we also are still trying our hardest to get a daycare to agree to letting us come in to there daycare and teach there kids. I also feel exited because I love to teach kids and show them how to do sports if they can’t or don’t have any money to sign them up for sports. My last feeling is nervous because if our project doesn’t work, then we will have to try something else or plan a little bit more.

Besides emotions and what my project is about I have different major goals to. My major goal for the month of November is to get our fliers handed out for the holiday bobs. We will sell these at the daycare. While I’m talking about daycares we also need an approval really soon. How we are going to achieve these goals are we are going to work on our fliers so there ready to handout as soon as possible. We are continuing to ask Littlest Angles and we are waiting for a answer. If nothing goes well then our ELA teacher said that she had a place that would defiantly let us come in to teach the kids sports. We are hoping to have this all done by the end of November so we can start our camps in December.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

Teacher VS Principal!

What if I were a Principal? Would It be fun? Would I enjoy all of the kids? These are questions that you should ask yourself before you consider being a principal. I mean I’d think that it would be fun to be a principal…….Besides all of the work you do. The only part that I think would be fun is doing cool fundraisers with the kids and going to the school dances. I don’t think that yelling at the kids or handling bad kids will be fun. I don’t like bad kids.

What if I wasn’t a principal but i was a teacher? Would things be easier? Would it be harder? Would it be more fun? Well actually I think that I can answer these questions pretty well. You might say well i’m not a teacher and that’s true but that doesn’t mean that I’ve helped a teacher out a lot. Lets just say helping teachers out a lot mean helping teachers out a lot, a lot. When I helped out my teacher she wanted me to teach the class some things and it was really confusing but it helped me. Helping him with his homework Bluedreamer2011 via Compfight






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At mid-night this old lady walks outside to light her jack-o-lantern; the same time each night. Right after she lights it, she sits there next to it, staring. I don’t know what she stares at, but it is starting to scare me. One night, I woke up to a big banging sound. I don’t know what it was, but I tried to ignore it and fall back to sleep. I finally fell back to sleep when someone rang our door bell. I have no clue who would do that in the middle of the night, but I woke up and went downstairs to see who it was. I answered the door and it seemed that the person went away. Maybe the person wasn’t there, but a box was. It was mysterious so I opened it.

What do you think was in the box?????


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Making a Pie Erik via Compfight

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Commenting Challenges

  • I love crafts! They are so fun to do, and now that I have read you blog I am definitely going to try out your crafts. My favorite craft that you came up with was the expo pom-pom one. I thought that that was a really good idea and I will try that one out. I would love to do more of your crafts can you tell me how to do more of them?
  • URL:
  • I chose to read this blog because the title was “Art’s and Crafts” and I am in love with crafts. I have been doing crafts for a long time and I always like to try new crafts. I thought that her ideas were really cool, and I love to try new crafts. I really relate to this author because we both like crafts. When she wrote about this I read it right away and I loved it. I left the comment that I left with a question. I put the question because I like her crafts so much that I want to know how do more of the crafts.  Her post is at Addison’s site.

Halloween Attribution!

(ACTIVITY 1) ATTRIBUTION– Attribution is when you copyright something like a song or a picture off of google.  You can be punished a lot for copywriting someone. Now a CC License is different. (CC means Creative Commons) A CC license is when the owner of the song or picture gives permission to copy the picture of song. So both of those are very different. Ive learned that you are allowed to copy someones work if it has CC somewhere. I would like to also learn the punishments of copywriting, like if you copy-write then I would like to know the consequences. I liked to learn this because now I know that you can get in a lot of trouble for copywriting someone else’s work who hasn’t gave you permission. Now that I have learned this stuff I think that I’m pretty confident that I could post something and give credit to the owner without getting copywriten.



During Halloween its kind of a tradition.

We all go to the store to buy pumpkins.

We laugh and have fun while scooping the seeds out of the pumpkin.

Maybe we can bake the pumpkin seeds in the oven for a snack?


My favorite part with pumpkins is carving them a face.

You get to make whatever you want if its pretty of fake.

If you want to you can make a which or a bat,

When I carve my pumpkin this year Im gonna make sure that it’s a bat!

My Passion


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SOCCER-    In soccer there is a lot of different things to talk about. There is positions, dribbling, passing, and the rules. To me the rules are the most important. So the rules for soccer are pretty simple. You can not hit or punch people. I think the most obvious rule is that you cant touch the ball with our hands. Its soccer you play it with your feet not your hands.

In soccer there is a lot of different positions. The five that I can remember of the top of my head is Forward, right and left back, left and right midfielder, left, right, and center defender, goalkeeper, striker, and sweeper. I play defender so I know what we do but I am not sure about the other things. So in defense you basically just back up the goalie. If the ball comes to you then you bring it to the side of the field and you kick it down the field to your teammates so they can score.  I think that in the other positions you try to make goals but then I don’t play offense so I’m not that sure.